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The Eight Generals

La primera vez que te vi, honestamente no sabía que ibas a ser tan importante para mí.


Anarquía en su estado más puro.


Nobody won this day

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Zdjęcia użytkownika Patrycja Róża Tałałaj - Patrycja Róża Tałałaj | via Facebook na We Heart It.

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I’ve seen this bouncing around from time to time, thought I’d just put my two cents in

Failure to adhere to very basic social norms through standard dress in the workplace indicate personality types who will likely not take direction well nor keep their mind focused on the task at hand. Plus, it’s a failure to acknowledge a simple need for short hand appraisal. Showing up to an interview looking like a 3 year old doodled on your skin is simply an effective means of letting potential employers know you don’t care about the small stuff; that you’re too egotistical to handle the easy stuff in life and thus unemployable.

Social norms are a part of the way human beings communicate. Norms have not branched out to include skin doodling and are not going to any time soon. No amount of argument will add any legitimacy to the matter. You made a choice to go against norms which, fair or not, are well established and in no way a secret. You are rightly judged for that behavior.

I’d also like to take this moment to point out the difference between “having tattoos” and “having blatantly visible tattoos”.

For some jobs it shouldn’t matter, but when you wanna work in a professional environment like an office or work in a store you will probably deal with customers who see you as a face of a company. 

A face with tattoos and piercings is not neutral and does not go hand in hand with nearly 99% of all normalish companies/organizations. It might turn customers away just cause they don’t wanna look at your body modifications.

You are free to modify your body to your hearts desire, the rest of the world is free to not want to look at you or deal with you when you look like that. The world (and the rules) don’t adapt to you, you adapt to those rules or you don’t and face the consequences.

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